Nerd Blurbs

The Flying Nerd

After having spent the last six years in two different doctoral programs and earning two Master’s degrees in subjects that require extensive explanation to most laypeople (at the end of which everyone, including myself, is left asking why I would study such things), I’ve learnt an awful lot. Sure I know a few dead languages, but that’s not my concern here. Graduate school has taken me to very many places, not excluding the land of despair. But I’ve traveled all across North America, Europe and elsewhere, often for months at a time. I’ve taught for a summer in Taiwan, spent this past summer in Greece watching other people dig stuff up, and attended conferences in South Africa and Hawaii. All for free (or for getting paid to do so). And since my family is split up between Asia and the middle of the Pacific, well, you get the picture. I travel a lot and I’ve always traveled a lot. Academic travel grants have taken me to places I never would have visited otherwise and given me good reasons to be in those places. I am very rarely just a tourist. Being completely obsessed with miles and points allows me to travel even more frequently and with some level of luxury. I discovered this boon later on in my academic career, and not before a slew of random jobs that I held on top of teaching to sustain my constant travels (liquor promo girl, wine taster, mascot handler, airport employee, doing voiceovers for toys and talking gadgets, etc.). And so my mission is this: to help other nerds take flight.

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The Awesome Nerd

On a cold winter’s night, in the year 1940, the martial arts legend known as Bruce Lee was born. Exactly forty-three years later (and having nothing to do with Master Lee), “The Awesome Nerd” made her first appearance in a Waikiki hospital which is now a luxury, four-star hotel. Known for her lame jokes and black belt in shopping, the Awesome Nerd spends her free time annoying her boyfriend, watching hours of reality television and playing with her little boy, who may or may not have been named after one of the members of Hanson.

The Neurotic Nerd

I am a recovering hypochondriac who regularly freaks out about the following: money (the lack thereof), bed bugs, apartment catastrophes, and plane crashes. I am also a refugee from the academy. I got my MA in Freaking Out.

The Noisy Nerd

Committed to the academy, at least for now, I strongly believe making noise is how to get heard (and possibly a job). As I try to move from getting a PhD in books to a PhD in life, I hope to acquire new, shiny shoes — all on a grad school budget — to help me walk (or stomp) towards the future on full blast.


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