I have a weakness for luggage tags

eye-d travel junkie tag

This was included in the Awesome Nerd’s awesome Valentine to me and yes, it is too big for the purse it is currently attached to. I don’t care. I like it.

crocheted Hawaiian slippers and a delightful bunny tag from fluff

If I ever attempt to get on an airplane leaving Hawaii, my grandma always makes sure I have pom-poms attached to my suitcase so I can distinguish it from all the other bright blue aloha print suitcases that are likely to come off the carousel when I land. I tend to upset her if I lack pom-poms and she will either rush to make one or attach a pair of the niftily crocheted (and somewhat more dignified) yarn slippers made by her friend (who is also a grandma). I adore them, just as I adore the fluff bunny tag the Awesome Nerd’s little sister (who is also awesome) gave me for Christmas. Look at it! It’s so cute, I want to bite it.


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