A Wine Nerd scoops up 2000 SkyMiles and more wine

Shivers Run

If you like wine, as The Wine Nerd does (so much so that he even makes his own. See above. He also works in a wine bar. He really likes wine.) and you have friends who want to drink your wine, it may behoove you to join a wine club to scoop up some promotional bonus air miles:

Thanks to my friend The Flying Nerd, I have embarked on a quest to accumulate frequent flyer miles. In addition to this newfound hobby, I also enjoy coming across new bottles of wine. Given my talent of multi-tasking, I set off to accomplish both in one fell swoop. During the process of a 2-minute search on the Delta Skymiles website, I came across an offer from the American Wine Cellars Club.

The Offer:

Receive 2,000 bonus miles for the first shipment of 6 bottles at $41.94. For those of you who struggle with math, that’s $6.99 a bottle. Not a bad deal. (3000 more miles would be given with the 3rd wine club shipment, but the Wine Nerd need not commit to so much of their wine, so was satisfied by the 2000-mile initial offer.)

Is it worth the price?

Each person will come to a decision on whether the price is right depending on your circumstance and preferences. Individuals value items differently, such as bottles of wine and airline miles. Below is how I decided that the offer was right for me.

The Valuation:

I value my SkyMiles at $0.01, so 2000 bonus miles are worth $20 to me. I then see the offer as 6 bottles of wine for $21.94. Do I value 6 bottles of low-end wine at $21.94? Yes, but only to serve those bottles to my box-wine-loving friends — except The Flying Nerd of course…


  1. I’ve always wanted to learn the origin of the phrase “one fell swoop”
  1. Yes, you will have to call and cancel your membership to the club. Normally I dread this task, but the company understood my motivation for joining the club and the whole call lasted less than 90 seconds.

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