Foursquare + AmEx statement credits = I get to eat even more sushi

my favorite so far of the Izumi chef's custom creations: ankimo (monkfish liver pate), fried shrimp heads and amaebi sashimi

To say I take sushi seriously is an understatement. I’ll resist hyperbolizing, but I like my sushi fresh and preferably moving (unless a particular fish is better served lightly and watchfully aged) and I like it weird. Moving to Pennsylvania, I initially scorned all sushi restaurants in the entire state. My rationale was as follows: it is too far inland and there are too many idiots around here who order things like monster dragon crunchy Philadelphia rolls. These beliefs were unshakeable until I started going to Izumi (1601 E. Passyunk Ave), discovered they have live uni (served in its badass shell). After a rather beachy summer in Greece, during which I salivated whenever I saw people step on sea urchins, my uni craving by the time I got back to Philly was pretty hard to quell.

Now I go to Izumi regularly and I have a routine. I order some sashimi, but for the rest of the meal, I end up eating whatever the sushi chef plops in front of me. But this is not a restaurant review. This is a post that combines three of my current fixations: checking in on Foursquare, my Starwood Preferred AmEx and sea urchins.

I now regularly post check-ins on Foursquare for my boyfriend and I at hotel and airport locations to obtain free miles and hotel points. See explanations about hotel points here and here and explanation about United/Continental miles here.

I’ve also been checking into restaurants on Foursquare to keep track of where we go out to eat. I keep a food calendar, too, but I guess I’m more than a little obsessive about documenting such things.

Almost all my spending is now split up between my Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa and my Starwood Preferred Guest American Express, which I still haven’t made the minimum spending limit on in order to get another 15,000 super valuable and flexible Starpoints. It’s a great card — see an excellent review of it by Lucky, even if I don’t receive double points on travel and dining with it as I do with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Last night, I synced my AmEx with my Foursquare account so that when I “check in” to a particular restaurant, in this case, Izumi, I activate a Foursquare special and get a $5 statement credit for supporting a small business. Details here. This special also applies to a good number of other small business establishments.

Therefore, sign up for an SPG AmEx, go to Izumi, post a check-in on Foursquare and order some urchin. If you ask nicely, the sushi chef might give you a raw quail egg to put on top.

live uni appetizer at Izumi


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