The Awesome Nerd learns an awesome lesson about booking hotel rooms

Okay so this is Shane Victorino, The Flyin' Hawaiian, made into a tasty Foodland poke, and last week, the Awesome Nerd's boyfriend was literally a Flying Hawaiian. He got on a plane. The Awesome Nerd planned his trip. And yes, this is the most relevant photo I could dig up.

Note to self: When you book an “accessible” hotel room, it does NOT mean that the room is near the floor’s vending/ice machine. The term “accessible” actually means that you mistakenly booked your boyfriend (AND his business partner) a handicapped-room for their out-of-state conference — complete with lowered light switches. After a 5-hour flight, do not be surprised if he does not reciprocate your enthusiasm that all that the extra space between furniture is (sort of) like being upgraded to a suite. Apparently, having no bathtub and sitting on a shower bench is not equivalent to having your own personal in-room sauna. Despite how adorable he always says you are, at 2,225 miles away from home, he will not be amused.


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