Travel essentials according to my sister

travel essentials according to my sister

A care package arrived for me this morning from my sister. As I unwrapped each item, I realized she had pretty much done all the packing for my next trip for me. That sister of mine — she’s a mindreader. She also included products that I didn’t even know existed!

The rundown: a scarf, a copy of Best Food Writing 2011, a bouffant shower cap (those who know me well know how much I adore shower caps), hand warmers, a travel-specific magnetic notepad with tabs marked with “favorite” and “explore”, a disposable camera that takes photos marked with fortune cookie fortunes (which I’m going to save to bring to Texas. Somehow that makes the most sense), an assortment of sample size beauty products (I have a HUGE collection of these that gets regularly supplemented by online Sephora orders. They’re free with every order. I throw a handful into my carryon for every trip to avoid squeezing stuff into tiny bottles. Especially helpful for short trips when I’m trying to pack like a ninja), an all-weather notebook with rain-proof paper (I don’t understand how this works yet), two canisters of Tide Swash products (“clothing odor outer” — I’m wondering if this also works on dogs? and “clothing dewrinkler,” which I am SO excited about because I hate ironing and hotel ironing boards frighten me), a shirt that gives away my secret identity and last but most certainly not least, a mustache keychain that talks (it says “well, hello there” with the touch of a button). I’m assuming the mustache is supposed to help me preserve my secret identity, even if the shirt I’m wearing gives me away.


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