Observations about getting hotel points from TopGuest

I now use both Foursquare and Facebook to get hotel points (primarily for the programs Hilton Honors, Best Western Rewards and Priority Club). I’ve been posting check-ins both on my Facebook wall and the Foursquare account I’ve set up for my boyfriend and have successfully confused many friends thoroughly. I think some believe that I just go and hang out in hotels now (at least, I hope that’s the worst that they’ve assumed). The more concerned of my friends were nice enough to text and ask where the heck I’ve gone off to.

I am merely aiming to earn 50 hotel points per check-in through TopGuest. I can check into any given program once a day, so long as I’ve linked my membership number in the rewards program to my TopGuest account.

The points usually post within a day to my Hilton and Best Western accounts (although none of my Priority Club points have thus far posted and my first check-in was January 13, 5 days ago). I receive an email each time the check-in goes through. Sometimes it comes instantaneously and sometimes it doesn’t.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the system can be a bit wonky, especially when it comes to airport check-ins (TopGuest offers 50 United/Continental miles per posted check-in). On way more than one occasion, I’ve been unable to post a Facebook check-in to an airport while I was standing in that airport, but I’ve had better luck picking the airport up on Facebook’s location services when I was several miles away. Not that I would ever, ever think to violate TopGuest’s terms of service by checking into a location without ever stepping foot in that location.

My iPhone and iPad both seem to hate Foursquare and half the time will spaz out when I try to open the app. The solution I’ve found to this is to post a check-in through the browser on either device (and this can be done on an actual computer, too — I know a bunch of people who work at the airport and don’t have smartphones but bring their laptops into work. You guys can check in to the airport from your laptop and get miles) using the mobile sites:



Search for the venue with either and you usually get a lot more (and much more reliable) options than through a phone’s GPS. Foursquare won’t give you mayoral badges or honors or whatever those titles are for computer check-ins but come on, who are you kidding? Those points won’t get you anywhere. Hilton points, however, are practically an actual currency.


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