Tweeting and Liking

I was fairly resistant to twitter for a long time until recently, when I started to see how following travel bloggers and airlines and reading their tweets was just as beneficial to me as playing Words with Friends. Interpret this as you will, but as my grandpa says about his crossword puzzles, “Keeps the mind sharp.”

(My grandpa also complains to no end about the young guys on the golf course messing up his game and generally being rascals. When I asked him how old these “young guys” were, he looked at me and said, “75.” But that’s another story.)

I’m eventually starting to see twitter as a really useful tool in finding out about flight delays (airlines tweet a lot and this could be helpful for those of you traveling during bad weather. Twitter also gives you another outlet to complain to the airline directly. Seriously, tweet them) and about promotions, especially time-sensitive ones.

Here are a few ways Twitter can enhance your life:

1. Follow airlines on twitter. @AmericanAir, @united, @cathaypacific, @delta, @USairways, @KLM and so on and so forth. Flight delays out of O’Hare? You’ll be the first to know.

2. Follow travel bloggers / sites to hear about promotions, news, etc. (and this is in addition to @flyingnerdily). @boardingarea is a one-stop shop for most, but I recommend following @frugaltravelguy and @thepointsguy as they’re always tweeting helpful info.

3. Link your HawaiianMiles account number to your twitter account and get 500 miles here.

Now what sort of promotions you might be asking and how time-sensitive?

Well, twitter often leads to Facebook  — like ___ and get ___, as in this post I noticed on Oct. 26. And quickly jumped on to get 5,000 Club Carlson points. I also learnt of the 50,000 points Club Carlson was giving to the first 50,000 registrants in a sweepstakes and signed up for that, although that required staying in any Radisson hotel through the end of the year. I debated over this particular deal for a while. 50,000 points on anything is kind of a lot, but I didn’t have any need for another hotel room anywhere and it didn’t fit into my schedule. Also, there’s no Radisson in Hawaii. So I figured I’d just have 5,000 Club Carlson points to do nothing with and oh well. Until I noticed this email in my inbox today.

Dear Flying Nerd,
You have 5,000* points and we have rewards for you.

Redeem some of your 5,000* points now.

*As of December 15, 2011

Turns out Club Carlson partners with a number of airlines that I fly: United, KLM, Cathay, Delta, Japan and more. The exchange rate isn’t at all fantastic, as you’ll see below, but considering my Club Carlson points were free and pretty much only required a Facebook like, I can make off with a few hundred miles to be put to good use elsewhere.


2 Comments on “Tweeting and Liking”

  1. Ashirii says:

    Thank you Flying Nerd for the Hawaiian Air Miles twitter tip! Also, there’s a Radisson Prince Kuhio Hotel in Waikiki 🙂

  2. Sure and yes! I thought there was one, but it’s a Hilton now. How did this happen?

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