50 bonus United/Continental miles per Facebook check-in

I’ve been grudgingly liking a lot of things on Facebook lately, in order to enter unlikely sweepstakes and jump on some promotion or another (or get Mucinex coupons). I’ve long come to terms with the notion that my Facebook profile does not reflect my inner soul nor my remarkably vibrant personality. (My collection of fridge magnets, however, is still highly indicative of who I truly am.)

Happily, this means I can actively take part in a program where you can earn 50 United or Continental miles (per 24 hour period) for a Facebook (or Foursquare, which I don’t use. I’m not even really sure what that is.) check-in at or near any of these airports. Register here.

Sure, you can remember to check in on Facebook whenever you’re flying, but the coolest thing about the program is that you don’t really have to be AT the airport, just in its vicinity — close enough for a check-in. I tested this during the minute and a half it took my megabus last night to hurtle past the Newark airport on the turnpike and successfully confused several friends who noticed the check-in on my wall. They assumed I was like, flying off somewhere.

Mercifully, I had the presence of mind to whip out my iPhone and check in during my active digestion of a really awesome dinner (the sashimi omakase at Jewel Bako, pictured below with the full intention of inciting great envy. I’d label the fish, but I think it would piss off the environmentally aware.) and almost immediately, I received an email from MileagePlus, telling me that I will soon receive 50 bonus miles (“soon” meaning 6-8 weeks) and listing offers from some airport retailers.

I’m still kicking myself for forgetting about the program on my way up to New York. I could have checked in when we stopped at the Newark train station! Anyway, I was riding up on Amtrak. It was too blissful. I got distracted.

Since the 50 miles can be earned daily, I am trying to brainstorm ways to well, check in daily. Should I entrust an airport employee with my Facebook password? Use my transpass to take the train to the airport every day, taking the super, super, ultra-crazy “long way” home? (Incidentally, if you’re in the Philly area, you should know that a transpass gets you on the airport train free. Otherwise it’s 7 bucks each way). Start hanging out with the forlorn wine nerds at the bar of the airport Marriott?!?!

Sashimi omakase at Jewel Bako


5 Comments on “50 bonus United/Continental miles per Facebook check-in”

  1. Us wine nerds at the Marriott make for great brunch buddies, we might motivate you to start a blog!

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