Advertisements and earning Hawaiian Miles on Amazon

As I mentioned before, you should definitely be earning miles by with each dollar you spend on a credit card. But you can earn even more miles on top of those same dollars spent by buying through the shopping mall portals of various award programs. I kept a post-it list on my desk of which portals to shop through that matched the portals up with my favorite online stores until I stumbled upon Basically, when you get to the front page, type in your store (Sephora, Amazon, whatever) into the search box below the question “where are you shopping?” and out pops a list of associated deals and coupons and where you can shop through to earn miles or points. I pretty much buy everything I need for school through Amazon since if you’re not careful, school bookstores will rob you blind and then try to rob your sweet old grandma, too (the last time I bought a book at a school bookstore, it was to photocopy a part of it and then immediately return the book). Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t a partner with the shopping portals I usually shop through (MileagePlus or AAdvantage). It is however, and as will tell you, a Hawaiian Miles partner and you can earn one Hawaiian Mile per dollar spent. And this is regardless of whatever credit card you’re paying with. No, it’s not a super generous deal but that’s one Hawaiian Mile more than nothing. You need to log into your Hawaiian Miles account, go into their eMarket, click on the Amazon link there and then proceed to shop as normal. As with shopping through any portal, make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. isn’t perfect and it doesn’t really update extra miles that can be earned during shopping portal promotions, but it’s a good place to start.

I cringe at the thought of all the Hawaiian Miles I missed out on before this discovery. So about a week and a half ago, I decided my road to recovery would begin with doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon through the Hawaiian Miles eMarket. So far only 6 Hawaiian Miles have posted to my account and I am anxiously awaiting the others (I guess miles accrued for different items post individually?). I had ordered up a whole range of spy gear for my nine year old godson. Night beam goggles, sunglasses that allow you to see behind you and a spy watch (not sure what makes the watch a spy watch). Rather unsurprisingly, once I mentioned this to my nerdy boyfriend, he immediately demanded that I duplicate the order and get him the same things for Christmas.


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